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Due to the current pandemic and social distancing, please request an estimate online. We may require digital photos and measurements of job-scope at hand. If awarded, we will take precaution when performing job. Thank you for the opportunity, and Ready-Bath Remodeling looks forward to working with you!

We are your bathroom remodeler in Tucson, Arizona. Specializing in a tub to shower conversion for a long-lasting tiled finish. And kitchen upgrades of installing new cabinets-flooring-sink-faucet. Experienced and skilled in home improvements. Request an Estimate today!

Ready-Bath is Tucson’s Remodeling Contractor for home improvements. For a tub to shower conversion. In hopes this is short lived. Request an Estimate Online, for social distancing. We look forward to working with you!

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Ready-Bath for Mosaic Tiled Shower Pan

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Ready-Bath specializing in bathroom remodeling of tub to shower conversion of a new personalized custom built tiled shower! And professional bath door installer. With an A+ reputation in Tucson, Arizona as Licensed Remodeler-Remodeling Contractor. And for experienced home improvements in it's entirety of flooring installation, drywall repairs, and painting. So for skilled in kitchen upgrades of cabinet and countertop installation. Give us a call today (520) 303-1498 Get it Ready, LLC AZ ROC 294500-Bonded-Insured