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Tub to Shower Conversion for Long Lasting Bathroom Tiled Shower Finish!

When it comes to elevating the look. And feel of your home. And a beautiful bathroom can make all the difference. Gone are the days of stained tubs. And plastic shower tiles. Instead trust Ready Bath Remodeling for a bath tub to shower conversion. Serving Tucson-Marana-Oro Valley, Arizona since 2009. So to bring new life into that one room. Because each member of our crew is skilled in all areas of the remodel. And experts for a custom build tiled shower. We do it all!

Remodeling Discount for Full Bathroom or Kitchen

500 Off Full Bathroom-Kitchen Remodeling by Ready-Bath

Due to the current pandemic and social distancing, please request an estimate below. We may require digital photos and measurements of job-scope at hand. If awarded, we will take precaution when performing job. Thank you for the opportunity, and we looks forward to working with you!

Read-Bath Remodeling for wheel chair access shower in tucson az

Custom Tiled Shower Build

Is it time to replace that tub? Because it hasn’t been used in years. And want a long lasting tiled shower finish. Or modern bath shower door installed. So consider a tub to shower conversion. Let’s custom build a long lasting tiled shower. Request an Estimate today!

Prefab shower install by Ready-Bath in Tucson, AZ

Bath Tub or Prefab Shower Install

We are the experts for a bathroom remodel. Are you thinking about replacing the dull and dirty? And tired of cleaning the aged yellowing. So consider a new bath tub install. Or prefab shower kit installation. Ready-Bath are the professionals in Tucson-Marana-Oro Valley, Arizona.

Tile Shower Build by Ready-Bath Remodeling in Tucson AZ 520 303 1498

Easy Access Shower for Wheelchair

Are you in need of bathroom comfort? And easy access for a wheelchair. Let’s customize your shower for your convenience. And add luxury tile. A custom built shower bench. So for a dream style bathroom finish. And personalize with tile accent lines. And mosaic shower pan. For easy water flow drain.

We called Ready Bath Remodeling to do a shower install for us. The old fiberglass shower was getting harder to clean & maintain. George did a great job for us. I love my new shower and the easy maintenance. I highly recommend theses folks. On-time, trustworthy & dependable. High marks to the team!


Let’s remodel your bathroom together.