Bathroom Remodeling

Tub to Shower Conversion Conversion for Long Lasting Tiled Shower Finish in Tucson-Marana-Oro Valley, Arizona

Experts for a Custom Built Tiled Shower

When it comes to elevating the look. And feel of your home. And a beautiful bathroom can make all the difference. Gone are the days of stained tubs. And plastic shower tiles. Instead trust Ready-Bath Remodeling. So to bring new life into that one room. Because each member of our crew is skilled in all areas of the remodel. And experts for a custom built tiled shower. We do it all!

Ready-Bath Bath Door Installer
Ready-Bath Bath Door Installer

Custom Tiled Shower

Is it time to replace that tub? Because it hasn’t been used in years. And want a long lasting tiled shower finish. Or modern bath shower door installed. So consider a tub to shower conversion. Let’s custom build a long lasting tiled shower. Request an Estimate today!


Bath Tub or Prefab Shower Install

We are the experts for a bathroom remodel. Are you thinking about replacing the dull and dirty? And tired of cleaning the aged yellowing. So consider a new bath tub install. Or prefab shower kit installation. Ready-Bath are the professionals in Tucson-Marana-Oro Valley, Arizona.

Read-Bath Remodeling for wheel chair access shower in tucson az
Read-Bath Remodeling for wheel chair access shower in tucson az

Easy Access Shower for Wheelchair

Are you in need of bathroom comfort? And easy access for a wheelchair. Let’s customize your shower for your convenience. And add luxury tile. A custom built shower bench. So for a dream style bathroom finish. And personalize with tile accent lines. And mosaic shower pan. For easy water flow drain.

We called Ready-Bath Remodeling to do a shower install for us. The old fiberglass shower was getting harder to clean & maintain. George did a great job for us. I love my new shower and the easy maintenance. I highly recommend theses folks. On-time, trustworthy & dependable. High marks to the team!


Let’s remodel your bathroom together.

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